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Photofilm – Cat


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Material: exposed film

Size: 15 cm x 21 cm

Images and photographs are an ideal complement to any interior. We hang them on the walls, place them on shelves or desks. Properly prepared photography could become an original decoration of a window. Exposed on a film, encompassed in light, elegant frames; looks wonderful  just like a stained-glass in a sunlight, beautifully emphasizing the details of the image.

We offer wide selection of photo-designs, which will let you match the theme to any interior, taste or interests. All the  photographs are our own authorship. They reflect our vision of the world and the impressions of the experienced moments. We hope that it will be not only a decoration for you, but also an inspiration to discover the World.

When you order our product, you get a set ready to hang on a window – a suction pad and a photo in the passe-partout on a thread. If you have  any other idea to expose the photo-film and you don’t want holes in the frame – let us know before buying.

We encourage you to visit the website with our photographs at Please contact us if you like to order print-outs of the photograph.


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